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Effective Coaching Sessions & Packages

The world has become smaller with the onset of technology, creating many wonderful ways of communicating effectively with those who may be around the corner or on the other side of the globe. These technological advances have empowered The Spiritual Adviser with the awesome ability to offer our services to many people whom previously struggled to find the peace and personal success that an experienced Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor brings to the scenario.

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We now offer sessions in a number of ways to those outside Knoxville, Tennessee, using Skype, cell phone, FaceTime, and office sessions. In addition, all of our clients are able to choose which method of communication best suits your needs. You can even switch the methods by which we communicated based on your needs at the time of any given session.

If you would like to discover the peace, prosperity and fulfillment these sessions may offer, take a moment and give us a call at (844) 304-1034 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation! We offer you this free consultation because we believe that you will discover how beneficial it can be to your well being. It also allows you to decide for yourself, all at no cost.

As Life Coaches and Spiritual Advisors, We Specialize In Helping You Realize Your Full Potential In the Following Areas:

• The Power Of the Imagination
• Understanding the Law Of Attraction
• The Nature Of Reality & Creating Your Own Reality
• Mind & Spiritual Matters
• Relationships
• Money & Success
• Health & Healing
• Spiritual Growth & Awakening
• Meditation, Lucid Dreams & Out-Of-Body Experiences

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Our Packages

One Life Coaching Session - Only $139.00
Silver Life Coaching Package - Order Now

Three Life Coaching Sessions - Only $349.00
Completed Within 6 Weeks - Gold Life Coaching Package - Order Now

Six Life Coaching Sessions - Only $599.00
Completed Within 12 Weeks & Can Be Renewed Regularly If Desired.
Platinum Life Coaching Package - Order Now